Welcome to the Springfield Road Runners Club

2017 Illinois State Fair Parade Run

Start your 2017 Illinois State Fair the fastest way possible – with our 2 mile Parade Run. Register today by clicking here. UPDATED ROUTE: The Illinois State Fair Parade Route has been officially changed.  Runners will begin inside the Fairgrounds at Ethnic Village as usual but will travel up Sangamon Avenue and into Lincoln Park.  See map for the actual Parade Route to get an idea of the new route.

**40th Annual** Abe’s Amble 10k

Designated as an 2017 RRCA State Championship 10K. Early registration (with tech shirt guaranteed) open until July 31. Close out the 2017 Illinois State Fair with the Abe’s Amble 10k! The start and finish line is next to the north end of the Grandstand. Everyone must enter the Fairgrounds through Gate 8, off 5th Street, on the west side of the grounds.