02/2006 Meeting Minutes

SRRC February Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2006
Springfield Road Runners Board Meeting
Springfield YMCA
February 13, 2006

Members: Jim Cinotto, Derek Dexheimer, Mike Boyd, Matt Lamsargis, Sarah Carpenter, Arlee Grimsley, Nyle Robinson
Not Present: Carol O’Connor, Barb Bonansinga, Jim Dahlquist
Guests: Brian Reardon, Dr. Diane Hillard-Sembell, Dr.Dan Adair, Tim McCaughey, Tim Butler

Meeting called to order at 5:40PM

Dr. Dan Adair informed the board that Sportscare would be sponsoring a seminar by Joe Friel on March 25, 2006. He asked that an announcement be included in the newsletter and on the website and it was agreed that this would be done.

Brian Reardon and Dr. Diane Hillard-Sembell attended the meeting to discuss Athleticare’s partnership with the Springfield Road Runners. It was agreed upon that the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed May 5, 2005 would stay in effect until further notice. Also discussed was the timing of information for the newsletter. It was decided that the 15th of the prior month would be the deadline for article submission and the 22nd of the prior month would be the deadline to revise the membership list for mailing purposes. Finally, Diane stated that Athleticare is still getting numerous requests for monetary sponsorships for races. It was reiterated that, instead of sponsoring individual races, Athleticare is printing the SRRC newsletter free of charge. Furthermore, Athleticare sponsors Abe’s Army, prints race applications free of charge, and provides athletic trainers for races. Arlee suggested that we send out an email to race directors to reiterate this information.

Nyle suggested a marathon training program, such as “Marathon 101.” Mike stated that there is already an informal group that meets at Panera weekly. Diane stated that Athleticare may be interested in hosting this program and that she will discuss it at the next Athleticare meeting. Jim Cinotto presented a marathon training program that he has that incorporates the SRRC races.

Tim McCaughey notified the board that the Starved Rock Runners Club wants $100 to reciprocate with the Lincoln Memorial Run. Jim C. stated that we will not pay this and that if they don’t want to reciprocate we will cut the Canal Connection off of our schedule. Tim also would like the website to ask for volunteers for the Lincoln Memorial Run.

Tim Butler presented the much talked about banner and showed how it was designed to be displayed. Tim also asked the club to sponsor a tent at the Indianapolis half-marathon. The cost is $250. It is a 20×20 tent and includes 25 chairs. Tim stated that about 200 people from the Springfield area will attend this event and that about 90 of those people are members of the half-wits training program. Nyle motioned to table the discussion for the next meeting and Matt seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Sarah stated that she still needs a user name for the website. She is currently using Dave Egan’s.

The SRRC annually awards $500 scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are club members and participate or contribute to the sport of running. It was agreed that the club would award at least two scholarships this year, more if there are enough contributions to fund additional scholarships. The club will advertise the scholarships in the newsletters and on the website. Letters to area coaches and guidance counselors last year did not generate any applications.
The RRCA annual convention is in Houston this year on the second weekend of March. The Club usually sends one or two Board members to the convention. No board members expressed an interest in attending this year’s convention.

Mike presented the treasurer’s report. The balance started at $25,984.65 and ended at $18,092.66. Last year’s ending balance for the same time period was $16,920. Most of the charges accrued were related to the Monster Mash. Derek moved and Sarah seconded to approve the treasurer’s report. The motion carried.

Nyle received a request by the Lakeview Run in Peoria to put an ad in our newsletter. He declined the request because the Lakeview run takes place the same day as the Lincoln Memorial Run.