04/2006 Meeting Minutes

Springfield Road Runners Board Meeting
Springfield YMCA
April 10, 2006

Members Present: Jim Cinotto, Carol O’Connor, Jim Dahlquist, Arlee Grimsley, Derek Dexheimer, Nyle Robinson, Barb Bonansinga, Mike Boyd, Matt Lamsargis
Not Present: Sarah Carpenter

Jim C. called the meeting to order at 5:35. February’s minutes were reviewed and discussed. Arlee made a motion and Matt seconded it to accept the meeting minutes. The motion carried. March’s minutes were then reviewed. Jim D. made a motion to accept, Arlee seconded and the motion carried to accept March’s meeting minutes.

As of 4/10/06, the Treasurer reported that the balance in the club’s account is approximately $2,500 above where it was at this time in April 2005. Mike stated that he plans to meet with Tim McCaughey to break out the Scholarship contributions from the application funds received for the Lincoln Memorial Classic held April 1st. Mike is also planning to review an Expenses and Revenue Statement and Budget from the Lincoln Memorial Run. One question Mike has been receiving fairly often is in regard to how much money the club saves since we no longer pay the costs to print the newsletter each month. Mike explained that because St. John’s/AthletiCare now prints the newsletter at no cost to the club, they no longer offer monetary assistance with club events. Also, new events like the picnic were added to our calendar and established events such as this year’s Monster Mash keep getting better and therefore more costly. There was some concern that advertisements in the newsletter were not always billed for or paid. Nyle made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report and Barb seconded and the motion carried.

Nyle stated that Cecil Withrow, a local photographer seen at many of the club’s races, has created a disk containing pictures from many of the club’s recent races. Nyle felt members might want to view the disk and could be interested in buying it or individual pictures. He would like the club to create a link from the club’s web site to Cecil’s web site so members can easily find and view the pictures.

Barb has the April social scheduled for 7:00 pm on April 22nd at Bernie and Betty’s. On May 20th, there will be a guided tour at 2:00 pm at Lincoln Memorial Gardens for a small fee. On June 10th, Barb has asked Bob Thompson of Bike Tek to take the club on a bike ride to Chatham and back. Members should meet at Panera’s on the west side of town @ 3:00 pm and Bob will first give an informal talk on “How to Buy the Right Bike”. Barb thought members might want to bring a lunch and have a picnic after the ride. On another note, Barb would like Race Directors to be sure to give her pictures taken at their races so she can collect them for showing at the next Monster Mash.

Four hundred magnets listing all the club races for 2006 were available to take at the Lincoln Memorial Run. The remaining magnets are at The Running Center for members to pick up any time. Derek needs to check the club’s email mailbox every few days. Jim C. noted that there were over 300 unopened messages when he checked, although the majority appeared to be junk mail. Matt Lamsargis, Race Director Liaison, noted there was a record crowd at the Lincoln Memorial Run. He stated that the AMA is asking for donations at The Running Center and there are fliers about the race at the store, but otherwise he has not been contacted by anyone associated with the AMA 5K race. Also, there was a question as to where in the park the race started. The flier states the Park pavilion, but it should be the tennis courts. Matt will need to clarify the course with the AMA race directors. Derek received a request from a women associated with Lincoln College regarding help with scoring a 5K being held the same day as the AMA 5K. He wanted to know what information he should give her on the club’s policies. The club only takes requests for use of its equipment from club members and then requires a $250 deposit. We can also give referrals to various people who will score races for a fee.

Arlee reviewed services provided by active.com to determine if the club would benefit from being able to renew their membership and register for races, etc. thru this site. The cost for these services was $3.00 per person for each transaction. The board discussed the pros and cons, but it was determined not to be an option at this time and no vote was taken.

To pick a Club uniform, Barb and Mike had looked at catalogs provided by Derek and found a few things. Derek was to email the pricing on their choices to Barb for later discussion.

How Directors should budget for their races was discussed next. The Board would like to receive the parameters of each race before it is held. Information such as: how many people are expected to run, how many sponsors are there, how much money will the race take in and what are the expenses. All race directors were given guidelines and instructions on a basic budget at the Race Director’s Meeting to help them determine if their race is within the budget. It was noted that almost all the races put on by SRRC lose money. The hope is that with a tentative budget in place before the race, board members and the race director can then review that budget beforehand and then afterward to see where the loss (or profit) occurred and discuss changes for the next year. The board would like more communication between the race directors and the Race Liaison. Matt will plan to contact directors 60 days out from their race to help with the budget to reach the race director’s goal. A goal of $3.50 per runner after expenses should help directors budget their races. The board would then like to review the anticipated budget 30 days before the race. The board then wants the Directors to provide the actual budget for review once the race has occurred.

Mike needed the board’s approval to take the Club’s tax records to the accountant that completed them last year. Jim D. made a motion to accept, Nyle seconded and the motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 PM. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 8 at 5:30 PM at the YMCA.