05/2006 Meeting Minutes

SRRC May Meeting Minutes
May 8, 2006
Springfield Road Runners Board Meeting
Springfield YMCA
May 8, 2006

Members Present: Jim Cinotto, Carol O’Connor, Jim Dahlquist, Arlee Grimsley, Derek Dexheimer, Nyle Robinson, Barb Bonansinga, Mike Boyd, Matt Lamsargis
Not Present: Sarah Carpenter

Jim C. called the meeting to order at 5:40. As of 5/08/06, the Treasurer reported that the balance in the Club’s account is approximately $1,200 below where it was at this time in May 2005. Mike stated that this was an unusual month with not a lot of bank activity. There were fees and adjustments taken, returned checks, etc. At this time last year the club had received some Abe’s Army registration fees. Also, St. John’s still owes the club approximately $2,400 from the 2005 Army. The Scholarship fund currently has $1,038 in contributions. Nyle made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report and Matt seconded and the motion carried. Mike left the meeting at 5:50.

Barb stated that the group that traveled to Indy for the Mini-marathon wanted to thank SRRC for its support. The tent was a great place to gather and the new banner made it identifiable from all the many other white tents. A number of people at the race told Barb they were going to join the club.

Matt stated that the AMA 5K race turned out well given the lack of communication between the race director and the Club. The course was re-measured before the race. Jim suggested switching weekends for the race next year so it would coincide with the Fit Expo at Lost Bridge Trail. Tim McCaughey emailed Matt regarding his desire to have the Lincoln Memorial Classic ½ marathon downtown. He is scheduled to talk with the Mayor of Springfield on May 12th. St. John’s Board of Directors is already on board with the idea. Tim would like to make the Classic a “destination” race with chip timing, finisher’s medals, quality tee shirts and an exposition at St. John’s. He would also like to drop the 5-mile race normally held in conjunction with the Classic. The current course isn’t well liked, but SRRC board members discussed how difficult and expensive it is to stage a race in the Downtown area. The board was concerned that the race fee would need to be increased considerably and whether the directorship would remain constant for a period of time. It was suggested that Tim should put together a budget for discussion with the city. In other news, the Race for Brazil’s name has been changed to Race for Lymphoma with all race proceeds going to research on this disease.

Jim D brought the table skirt and SRRC brochure for the board to examine.

Chuck Costello, part of the Technical Program Committee, has updated all the info on the Club website.

Nyle stated that applications to be printed in the newsletter must be letter size. Legal sized applications, brochures etc. have to be hand inserted into the newsletter after printing which is not practical. Applications should be sent electronically to Nyle at least two months in advance of the race. If submitted this early it is possible that the application will be in the newsletter twice. Nyle would like members to think about the possibility of producing an electronic version of the newsletter to be emailed to members. This would reduce printing and mailing expenses if we gave members the option of receiving an electronic version.

Arlee stated that she has mail coming back due to changes of address and vacation notices. In order to be sure members get their newsletters, Arlee has been putting them in hand-addressed envelopes and re-sending. She requests that members fill out change of address cards with the post office when they move and remember that bulk mail does not get delivered when you’ve stopped your mail during vacations. Please let her know you will be gone and she will hold the newsletter for you.

There is a Marathon 101 seminar with a panel discussion following on May 17th. Jim C. and Ronda will be part of the panel.

Barb has prices from Derek for the Club uniform, and now needs the catalog to choose the shirt and shorts. A printed singlet and shorts should cost about $20 each.

The board discussed the Club’s Participation Award; what are the requirements for consideration of this award? There will be a random drawing of all members who run at least 12 races on the club’s schedule and volunteer at a minimum of two circuit races or club events. Derek made a motion to accept these requirements for the award and Arlee seconded it and the motion carried.

Applications for receiving a scholarship from the Club are due by Monday, May 15th. The Scholarship Committee will then review all applicants and choose two high school seniors to receive the scholarships.

Meeting adjourned at 6:40 PM. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 12 at 5:30 PM at the YMCA.