06/12/2006 Meeting Minutes

SRRC June Meeting Minutes
June 12, 2006
Springfield Road Runners Board Meeting
Springfield YMCA
June 12, 2006

Members Present: Jim Cinotto, Carol O’Connor, Jim Dahlquist, Arlee Grimsley, Derek Dexheimer, Nyle Robinson, Barb Bonansinga, Matt Lamsargis
Not Present: Mike Boyd, Sarah Carpenter
Visitors: Chuck Costello, Alex Taft

Jim C. called the meeting to order at 5:33. Alex Taft spoke regarding the Kid’s Fun Run that takes place before the Women’s Distance Festival on July 8th. Alex is requesting support from the club to purchase various items for the kids, i.e. trophies and shirts. Members discussed the cost of trophies and whether medals were a comparable, less expensive alternative. Alex wants to continue to give the kids trophies. The Board thanked Alex and will contact him with their decision. Arlee stated that she feels it is a valuable event and Barb wants to support the Kid’s Fun Run and made a motion to accept Alex’s budget, Arlee seconded it and the motion carried.
Derek brought the Treasurer’s report to the meeting for Mike. As of 06/06/06, the Financial Statement showed the balance in the Club’s account has approximately $12,500 more than it had at this time in June 2005. This difference was primarily because over $8,000 had already been collected from Abe’s Army participants. Also, at this point there have been no expenditures for t-shirts for Women’s Distance Festival or Abe’s Army and there were no costs this year to send Board members to the RRCA convention. Nyle made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report and Matt seconded and the motion carried.

At this time there are approximately 525 members in Abe’s Army and over 480 of these are new members. That brings the total membership of SRRC to 1,227. Matt sent a spreadsheet to Jan Wilson for the WDF budget but has not yet received it back. Per Jan, the major sponsor of this race doesn’t want any other logos on the back of the shirt. Since there are no by-laws against this, Matt will tell Jan that this is acceptable. The 5-mile marker was temporarily lost after the Jacksonville race and the 6-mile marker was damaged. Matt will take the damaged marker to Ace Sign to make a replacement and bill the cost to the Passavant Race Director. This started a discussion on the difficulty of knowing who has the club’s equipment at any given time. The club may need to initiate procedures for borrowing equipment from the shed such as a policy of changing the code occasionally and requiring members to email the Race Liaison whenever equipment is needed.

IL Department of Transportation’s plan for the Interurban Trail was emailed to Board members for review. Barb volunteered to review the lengthy document and report back to the Board.

Uniforms for the club were discussed. Derek brought a catalog with “team apparel” which assures better availability of items over time. An outfit of a shirt or singlet and shorts with lettering was estimated at $40. It was determined that the SRRC logo would be placed on the shirt over the heart and would be a scarlet red color. The Club hopes to put a picture and information about the proposed items on the web site and possibly hand out order forms at various summer races.

Jim Dalquist will chair the scholarship committee with Katie McAfee and Tom Cooper also reviewing each application. The Committee will award 2 scholarships this year.

Barb stated that Dr. Dan Adair has stated his interest in sponsoring a speaker for Monster Mash. The picnic is scheduled for 3:00 on July 22 at Tom Madonia Park West. A map and directions will be put on the web. Attendance at last year’s picnic was estimated to be around 90; it is difficult to estimate how many members will attend this year’s event. Music for the day hasn’t been determined yet. Last year’s cost of the picnic was approximately $1,300. The Club may charge members a small fee this year. A motion was made by Nyle to accept a $1,000 budget for this year’s picnic, Matt seconded it and the motion carried. Members have expressed an interest in having a blood drive. All members would cite their affiliation with the club when donating during a certain time frame, possibly a month long. The Board talked about challenging other running clubs to donate, also.

Jack’s Sizzling Mile may change dates next year and the location of the race may need to be moved to somewhere with more parking available to accommodate all the runners attending.

The Club will be contacting Sarah Carpenter to determine if she is interested in continuing to serve on the Board in charge of Technical Programs. Sarah has been absent from most of the Board meetings held since January. Chuck Costello may be asked to assume the Technical Programs position within the Board. Chuck has been updating the Club’s website in the absence of Sarah Carpenter.

Nyle stated that fundraising groups such as Team-in-Training are interested in advertising for runners/sponsors in the newsletter. Also, Nyle is planning to print jokes about running in the newsletter each month and encourages everyone to forward the funniest jokes you know to him.

Jim Dalquist made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Arlee seconded it. The meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 10 at 5:30 PM at the YMCA.