09/11/2006 Meeting Minutes

SRRC September Meeting Minutes
September 11, 2006
Springfield Road Runners Board Meeting
Springfield YMCA
September 11, 2006

Present: Barb Bonansinga, Mike Boyd, Chuck Costello, Jim Cinotto, Derek Dexheimer, Matt Lamsargis, Carol O’Connor, Nyle Robinson
Not present: Jim Dalquist, Arlee Grimsely

The meeting was called to order at 5:41

The meeting minutes from the August 14th board meeting were discussed. Nyle made a motion to accept the minutes, Barb seconded and the motion carried.

Mike gave the Treasurer’s report. The ending balance was $28,839.53. The Club paid an invoice from Ace Sign for $150 which will be forwarded on to the race director of the Passavant Powerade for reimbursement. There was some advertising money included in the deposit line labeled “dues” on the Financial Statement. Mike will break out those deposits. There is an open check listed; this was given to Chuck to purchase a new computer. Mike will list it on the statement like this until a computer is purchased. In comparing the current balance to 2005 balance of $27,883.56, Mike stated that the wind shirts for the Frostbite Festival have already been paid for and members noted that the technical t-shirts now being purchased for races are better quality but more expensive than in past years. Also, race directors determine how deep the awards will go, which affect race expenses. Directors need to submit a budget to the board before purchases so the board can anticipate these expenses. Mike stated there is no breakdown on the budget sheets to show how much should go to the scholarship fund. Matt will talk with race directors to be sure they show the breakout. Mike extended the tax filing for the club one more time as he continues to work on getting our tax status back with the national association. The IRS and the State of Illinois are confused with the club’s status due to the change at the national level last year. Nyle made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, Chuck seconded and the motion carried. Mike looked into changing banks based on the interest received on the savings account. He found another bank where the club could make approximately $1,000 a year more on the balance than in the current bank. Derek made a motion to accept Mike’s recommendation to change banks and Barb seconded and the motion carried.

There was a complaint letter regarding the sponsorship of races. The board felt that race directors needed guidelines so that they didn’t have to make these types of decisions.

Chuck thought there should be an area of the club’s website that listed upcoming races in the area. He has also been researching the purchase of a computer. He has been looking at a Dell and at the possibility of purchasing the software separately to keep the combined cost under $1,000. Chuck is currently waiting for the Club’s tax status to be cleared through Dell.

Jim C. discussed advertising rates and noted that Bloomington, a smaller club but with a similar number of ads in their newsletter, charges rates that are 40-50% more than SRRC. Jim believes it would not be out of line to raise the rates the club charges to advertise in Foot Trails. Nyle made a motion to raise the full-page ad from $45 to $60, the ½ page ad from $30 to $40, the ¼ page from $20 to $30 and leave the business card size at $15. Carol seconded and the motion carried.

There are hundreds of race photos of Abe’s Amble. Nyle suggested that the club somehow provide a link to the photographer or a processor so members could purchase their pictures and it would also benefit the photographer. If we want members to be able to search by their bib number, we would need to contract a photo service; the SRRC web site cannot support the volume of photos. Also, most photographers don’t want the purchaser to print the pictures, so again it’s possible it would need to be contracted out. Chuck stated that he has an out-of-state friend who photographs sporting events and he would contact him to ask him how it is done. Board members are open to suggestions on how best to approach this. Please contact/e-mail the newsletter editor with your ideas.

Barb would like to put names to the slide show pictures she wants to use at Monster Mash. The web site needs to be updated/moved to be able to support more information and respond faster. Nyle needs a picture of Bill Rodgers for the newsletter.

Jim C. would like the Board to review the Race Standards and talk with race directors and see if there are any changes needed before the Director’s meeting scheduled on October 18. Matt submitted the necessary forms to the library and wants the meeting noted in the newsletter. The new director of the Jingle Bell Run was questioning Matt about the whole race process. The Arthritis Foundation is the sponsor of this race and can give her the support she needs. Matt does need her to send the race application to Nyle for inserting in the newsletter and posting on the website.

Barb wants to create an invitation in the November & December newsletter for members to fill out and send in for reservations to the Monster Mash.

Jim C. wants to charge non-members to attend based on last year’s cost per plate. Barb wondered if it should be open to members first, then open it to all if it doesn’t fill up. Derek suggested Monster Mash be “members only” with a list of members at the door.

Jim C. wants board members to be thinking about whether they want to continue on the Board in 2007.

Matt moved and Chuck seconded to adjourn, motion carried and the meeting ended at 6:41