10/09/2006 Meeting Minutes

SRRC October Meeting Minutes
October 9, 2006
Springfield Road Runners Board Meeting
Springfield YMCA
October 9, 2006

Present: Chuck Costello, Jim Cinotto, Jim Dalquist, Derek Dexheimer, Arlee Grimsely, Carol O’Connor, Nyle Robinson
Not present: Barb Bonansinga, Mike Boyd, Matt Lamsargis,

The meeting was called to order at 5:38

The minutes from the September 11th board meeting were not available to discuss. The October 9, 2006 financial statement with an ending balance was $31,398.45 was reviewed. The October 2005 balance was $27,788.37. There were no questions on the Treasurer’s report. Chuck bought a computer for $800 and gave the receipt to Jim C. to forward to Mike Boyd. Chuck stated that Tim Butler had the old computer and the information currently on that computer would not be transferred to the new one by the race on Saturday. Carol made a motion to accept the report, Arlee seconded and the motion carried. A discussion on Monster Mash was postponed until Barb would be available. Much of the Agenda could not be discussed because the board member who had requested it be added to the agenda was not in attendance.

Jim C. asked if the board members had any suggestions for changes to the race standards that were to be handed out to the Race Directors at the meeting to be held October 18th at Lincoln Library. Derek questioned #10 on whether it should state AthleticCare or St. John’s. Jim C. noted that the Memorandum of Understanding refers to St. John’s. Also, Should question #13 be more clearly defined? The board determined that it is different for each race and needs to be determined on a race-by-race basis.

Chuck researched an idea for all the extra race pictures that the club cannot support on the SRRC web site. Kodak has a website that allows for 2 or 3 administrators to upload images. Then members can look at and download the prints they would like to Meijers or CVS. The cost for the club’s membership to the site is only $25 a year. Jim D. made a motion to have Chuck register the club for this Kodak service and Arlee seconded it and the motion carried. Chuck is going to research the club’s domain name after receiving a letter stating that ours was set to expire unless it was renewed.

Jim C. mentioned Carl Benton’s request for help on behalf of his mother who lost everything in a house fire. At this time there are no details, but the club can put an article on the web site with instructions on how to assist once we get more information.

Jim C. has appointed a Nominating Committee for the 2007 SRRC Board. The three-person board consists of Ronda Schappaugh, Tom Cooper and Derek Dexheimer.

Arlee has a new membership letter she would like board members to review. The letter lists the membership type, mailing address and all members’ name, sex and date of birth. Arlee hopes that by listing this information each year on the renewal letter, any incorrect information will be brought to the attention of the Membership Director immediately so it can be corrected in the database.

Dean Rademaker attended atended the meeting and to the Board about his years of running and some of the highlights of his many running experiences. He stated that he is available to speak at any function where he might inspire others to take up the sport of running.

Jim D. moved and Chuck seconded to adjourn, motion carried and the meeting ended at 6:29