11/13/2006 Meeting Minutes

SRRC November Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2006
Springfield Road Runners Board Meeting
Springfield YMCA
November 13, 2006

Members Present: Barb Bonansinga, Mike Boyd, Jim Cinotto, Chuck Costello, Jim Dahlquist, Derek Dexheimer, Arlee Grimsley, Matt Lamsargis, Carol O’Connor, Nyle Robinson
Guests: John Hartnett & Phil Peterson

The meeting was called to order at 5:35. John Hartnett & Phil Peterson came to discuss the High School Award Program, whereby the top 3 boy and 3 girl high school cross country runners receive a monetary award for their high school from SRRC; an award the club initiated and has supported since 1982. John explained how the process has changed from having the high school coaches vote for the athletes to having a 3 member committee select the recipients based on their performance. Currently Jim Ruppert from the State Journal-Register (SJ-R) and SRRC Board members Jim Dalquist and Derek Dexheimer make up the committee. Eligibility is limited to the 20+ schools in the SJ-R circulation area. There is an award ceremony held in early February with monetary awards of $250, $150 and $100 given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place boy and girl athlete’s high school respectively. John stated that the coaches use the money as a supplement to their budgets. Phil Peterson, past president and treasurer of SRRC, stated that the award program was started by the club in 1982 to support the local running programs and the amount hasn’t been increased since. He recommended that the total amount be raised to $2,000 with no change to the number of awards being given. After the speakers left, the board discussed their request. Arlee made a motion to increase the award amount to $2,000 and give the committee the authority to choose the number of deserving runners between three and five of each sex each year. Barb seconded the motion and the motion carried. Derek has agreed to remain on the High School Award Program committee again this year. The second SRRC member of the committee, Jim D., has decided not to continue in his position for 2007 so Matt has volunteered to assume Jim’s duties.

Jim C. asked the Board to vote on the minutes of the previous two meetings. Nyle made a motion to accept the September meeting notes, Jim D. seconded and the motion carried. Nyle made a motion to accept the October meeting notes, Derek seconded and the motion carried.

Mike Boyd gave the Treasurer’s report to the board. The club opened a new checking account, which is why there is a mixture of high and low numbered checks. The balance in November of 2005 was $26,220.69. As of 11/13/06, the Financial Statement showed the balance in the Club’s account as $27,567.42, just over $1,300 more than the 2005 balance. Mike stated there was not a lot of activity in October. There was one returned check and the computer was purchased during October. Nyle stated there were several ads that still needed to be billed out at the old rates. The new rates for advertising in the newsletter will begin in January. Matt made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, Derek seconded and the motion carried.

Nyle and Chuck announced that there are already pictures of various club races/members posted on the website – Race for Brazil, Half-wits Gone Wild and the Chicago Marathon. Chuck will copy them and give the discs back to Nyle. Barb would like to have text/names added to the pictures but realizes it is time consuming. Nyle would like the 2007 race schedule for December’s newsletter, but Jim C. stated that the dates were still tentative at this time. The Race for Lymphoma has been cancelled for next year. Members discussed the possibility of changing either the date or the location of the AMA race – possibly move the location to Lost Bridge Trail and the date to a Saturday in April or October.

Arlee has had many inquiries about Bill Rodger’s visit, cost of his book, etc. Barb has been trying to get information to provide to Chuck for the web site. She would also like a map to the Northfield Center for Monster Mash posted on SRRC.net. In order for the race magnets to be ready for Monster Mash, the information needs to be available at the next board meeting December 11th. Barb will get information to Nyle on the January social. There is a “Cold Duck Run” scheduled, a gathering for running and socializing with a fire at Washington Park pavilion from 7-10 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day. A member needs to be sure the fire is extinguished.

Arlee will have a list of people scheduled to attend Monster Mash at the door. She is also noting Monster Mash attendance on the Membership letters she is sending out. Barb wanted to put the reservation form on the web site, but Jim C. would prefer it not be posted because he wants current members to have first availability. Arlee explained the changes she made in the membership letter and put it to the Board for a vote. Matt moved to accept the changes to the letter and Carol O’ seconded and the motion carried.

Derek asked members of the Board if they were planning to continue their positions in 2007. Derek had several names of people who were interested in joining the Board. Jim C. stated that there is always a possibility for those people to staff committees for the newsletter, etc.

Jim C. would like someone to write a “Where are They Now” column for the newsletter to highlight people and events from the past. He stated, for instance, that the SRRC By-Laws were adopted 30 years ago in February 2007.

There are over 100 runners signed up for the Jingle Bell race scheduled for Saturday. The Board was concerned about whether the race was organized and ready. Matt said the new Race Director went to Bloomington to watch the Arthritis Foundation’s race scheduled there and learn how a race is put on. Matt stated that only one of the Club’s time clocks is still in good shape. Two are missing portions of the digital numbers, the legs are broken on one and the stand is chipped on another. Matt has not priced a new one, but shipping one out to get it fixed costs $100. Matt will research the cost of a new one to see if it would be worthwhile to fix the old one or buy a new one. Jim D. wondered if there might be a company either in St. Louis or Chicago that has a mid-priced clock the Club could purchase. Then, if it needed repairs, a member traveling to that city could drop it off. There was a comment made that Abe’s Army needs to have their own water jugs so members don’t need to keep going back and forth to the shed to drop off and pick up the jugs when they’re needed at other events. Chuck said that this subject is being discussed at an Abe’s Army follow-up meeting he will be attending.

The Women’s Distance Festival was discussed. Jan would like to make a donation to Girls on the Run. Mike made a rough draft of the figures and based on checks received, expenses paid and Jan’s budget submission it appeared the race made a profit of $3,200. The Club donated $500 to GOTR last year. Nyle made a motion to increase the donation to $1,000 this year. Barb seconded it and the motion carried.

Chuck made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Jim D. seconded it. The meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 11 at 5:30 PM at the YMCA.