12/11/06 Meeting Minutes

SRRC December Meeting Minutes
December 11, 2006

Springfield Road Runners Board Meeting

Springfield YMCA

December 11, 2006

Members present: Barb Bonasinga, Jim Cinotto, Chuck Costello, Jim Dahlquist, Derek Dexheimer, Arlee Grimsley, Matt Lamsargis, Carol O’Connor, Nyle Robinson

Not Present: Mike Boyd

Guests: Jan Wilson, SRRC member and Jill Nydegger, Campaign Manager for Team in Training-Bloomington

The meeting was called to order at 5:35 PM. Jim C. asked if there were any corrections or comments to the November minutes. When there were no comments, Arlee made a motion to accept the minutes, Matt seconded it and the motion carried. Jill Nydegger came to discuss Team in Training (TT), a program that raises funds for leukemia and lymphoma research and patient services. She explained that the typical participant is not a runner but they decide to run a marathon or ½ marathon to raise money for the program. Once the runners have finished their race, they frequently want to continue running and be part of a group but are not sure how or where to go. Jill stated that TT is always looking for coaches to lead the groups and Team in Training can direct runners to SRRC when they have completed their race. Last May was the first program to begin in Springfield and there is another team beginning in January. TT would like a presence on the club’s web site, in the newsletter and/or a link to TT’s web site. The Board thanked Jill for speaking and promised to discuss her request.

Next, Jan Wilson spoke on the budget from the Women’s Distance Festival. Jan brought financial information to discuss the amount SRRC is donating to GOTR from the profit made on the WDF. Jan requested an increase to the donation amount to $2,000.00 since the race was profitable. The Board stated that it sets a target of turning $3.50 per racer for Club races and it is the Board’s decision of how much of the profit is donated.

Jim C. gave the Treasurer’s report to the Board. There was not a lot of activity in December. The balance in December of 2005 was $27,751.86. As of 12/11/2006, the Financial Statement showed the balance in the Club’s account as $31,004.42, just over $3,250.00 more than the 2005 balance. Jim stated that the Frostbite expenses/losses are not figured into the balances yet. Five checks totaling $2,000.00 were distributed for the cross-country high school awards and there were also payments toward Monster Mash expenses and Frostbite Festival awards. Matt questioned whether the $1.50 per runner fee has been collected for the use of the Club’s equipment at non-Club races. There have been times that the equipment was needed by the Club but when Matt went to retrieve it from the storage unit, it was gone. The Board again discussed changing the keypad numbers regularly to prevent access to the equipment by unauthorized members. Nyle made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Derek seconded and the motion carried.

Cecil had 5 slide shows ready with pictures of complete races. He will contact Barb to discuss/meet/give her DVD’s. Barb discussed the Monster Mash costs. Barb estimated the cost per food plate at $15.00, the total alcohol bill at $2,000.00 and awards expected to cost approximately $1,000.00. Arlee is setting up a table outside the banquet to check member’s attendance and dues.

Jim C. wanted it noted that the Board voted by email to award points for the 2-mile Frostbite race since the race director determined to cancel the 10-miler due to road conditions. Derek asked if there was any way the Club could have let the members know earlier. In this instance that was not possible because the race director did not make the decision to cancel the longer race until just before the race was to begin.

Matt discussed the club’s race clock and whether it would be better to replace the ones that need repairs which would cost at least $2.500.00 a piece or have each of them repaired. Chuck has the name and number of the clock manufacturer. He suggested sending the clocks together for repair to cut down on shipping costs. A tripod needs a holder at a cost of approximately $50.00. Matt will get an estimate of the cost to fix all timing pieces and accessories and send out the figure to the board by email for a vote. Jim D. made a motion to accept this process. Barb seconded and the motion carried.

The 2007 Race Calendar was discussed. Jack is not directing the Sizzling Mile or Track with Jack this year. Katie McAfee will be taking over. The Havana Polka Pace 5K has a new Director. There will be no Race for Lymphoma in 2007 and this is the last year for Brent Leach to direct the Frostbite Festival. Matt will get any remaining race information finalized and send it to Barb for magnets and Nyle for printing in the newsletter.

The Board went back to discussing the Women’s Distance Festival, whether the Club should increase the donation to GOTR and what amount should the Club expect per runner. Barb moved to award $1,500.00 to GOTR. Arlee seconded the motion. Motion carried. Nyle moved to award $1,000.00 to Team Athleticare. Chuck seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Jim D. made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Derek seconded it. The meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM. The next meeting scheduled for Monday, January 8, 2007, at 5:30 PM at the YMCA.