02/12/07 Meeting Minutes

SRRC February Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2007

Springfield Road Runners Board Meeting
Springfield YMCA

February 12, 2007

Members Present:  President Jim Cinotto, Jim Dahlquist, Barb Bonasinga, Mike Boyd, Jan Wilson, Derek Dexheimer, Nyle Robinson, Patty Shafer, Chuck Costello, Arlee Grimsley.

President Jim C. called meeting to order at 5:31 PM.

Minutes from December 2006 Board meeting were reviewed and approved with minor changes.

Treasurer’s report was given by Mike Boyd.  SRRC currently has 3 bank accounts, two checking accounts – one with Security Federal and one with National City Bank and one money market account with National City.   Mike will be cancelling the checking account with National City due to fees being charged.  The checking account with Security Federal and one money market account with National City Bank will remain active.  Mike reviewed the Financial Statement as of February 12, 2007.  Copies were provided to the Board.  Total deposits since January 8, 2007 were $4,544.35 and total bills paid were $7,769.40.  Ending balance as of February 12, 2007 was $25,522.73 for General Fund and $995.50 for Scholarship Fund for a Combined ending Balance of $26,518.23.  The Financial Report was moved, seconded and approved by the Board.

Barb B. provided a Monster Mash update.  No bar bill or food bill has been received as of yet for Northfield Center.  Approximately 400 people attended the banquet.  Barb B. wanted to thank everyone who was instrumental in making the Monster Mash a success especially Kris Maurer, Tom and Helen Cooper, Arlee, and the 2006 SRRC Board.  Barb and Kris will be composing a thank you note to those who volunteered.  Barb also would like to thank SportsCare for their support of sponsorship of Bill Rodger’s as the keynote speaker.

Barb noted that Tom and Helen Cooper along with Arlee did a fantastic job coordinating the membership renewal process at Monster Mash.  Arlee asked that Mike B. break out scholarship money with information given to him by Arlee for the renewals received at Monster Mash.

Barb suggested charging those to attend the Monster Mash in the future to help offset the expenses.  However, the open meeting portion of the meeting will be free.  It was suggested that a cash bar be utilized at future Monster Mash events.  Barb will ask for pictures from the membership to be donated for the slide presentation.  Another suggestion to offset expenses was to solicit sponsors for tables at the Monster Mash.

Barb also wanted to mention that SRRC member James Alexander has done many marathons.  Barb feels he should receive accolades for his accomplishments.

The SRRC Social calendar is as follows:  Office Tavern for March 24, 2007, from 7 PM  until …..  The April 2007 social still undecided.  Emily Klockenga will organize golf outing for the summer.

Jim C. said we were looking for a replacement for Sanya Kushak as the graphic designer for the newsletter.  Nyle stated that Ann Baker will replace Sanya and Mary Rogers will be the backup and Nyle’s assistant for the newsletter.  Nyle stated both ladies are eager to become involved and have experience in graphic design and writing.

Jim Cinotto asked if Secretary still wants the thumb drive.  Affirmative.  Secretary responded that it would make it easier to email the minutes to Board members shortly after the conclusion of the monthly meeting.  Motion was made, seconded and approved by the Board.  One nay vote by the Treasurer.

Newsletter proof will be emailed to Board members to review prior to going to print.  Arlee asked that the newsletter not be emailed to her as her internet service is very slow.

President Cinotto asked that the minutes be submitted in a timely manner.

Jan Wilson, Race Director Liaison, provided a list of equipment the SRRC has currently.  Matt L., Past Race Director Liaison, suggested that a tripod and Jones wheel be purchased.  The newer Jones wheel is missing.  A new one could be purchased for approximately $80.00.  Jan will check with Ronda S. who used it last.  Motion was made, seconded and approved to purchase a new Jones wheel (up to $120.00) if the old one cannot be located.  If the new Jones wheel costs over $120.00, Jan will inform Jim C.  The old Jones wheel made not be operable because it is held together by tape.  Rings are also needed for finish line.  Jan asked about a budget.  Jim D. said no budget has been set for equipment.  Equipment is replaced as needed and determined by the Board.  Timing machine is also needed.  Jones wheel is an urgent need for measuring new Lincoln Memorial course.  Timing machine was sent off to be repaired.  Shower rings will be purchased for finish line if the other is too expensive.  Timing machine purchase will also be investigated by Jan W.

Jan received the key for the storage unit from Matt L.  Individuals who have access to storage unit are unknown.  It was suggested that a race committee be appointed so that the storage unit is accessible to only those delegated.  Jan would also like to purchase a white board which will be kept in the storage unit to keep track of equipment.  Changing  the code was also suggested.

Jan W. also would like to bring back the Lost Bridge Trail run for the fall.  This will not be a SRRC point’s race.  Jim C. suggested making the race a handicapped race.

Jan will be asking for people to volunteer to be trained to score races.  Tim Butler and Jan Scum will provide orientation for volunteers.  Jan suggested putting the call for volunteers on SRRC internet site and in the newsletter.

Jan suggested we look at the policies for races.  Standards need to be reviewed before they are given to race directors to follow.  At a future date Jan would like to review the current policy.

Jan W. asked if the Board would consider a bidding process for shirts and awards. The Board felt shirts and awards should be bid out for the 2007 – 2008 season.  Parameters stating we will pay within 45 days.  Jan and Derek will solicit bids for the 5 SRRC races.  Type of shirt will be at the discretion of the race directors.  It was suggested that race directors be convened to determine their wants/needs for awards and t-shirts.  AMA director will be asked if he wants to be included in the bidding process.  Pick 5 awards will be selected out of the catalogue to bid.  Bill Weinberg, Director of Trifest, will be asked if he would like to be included in the bidding process.  There has not been a dollar limit on awards.  Jan wants to make sure the race directors know about the $3.50 per runner.  It is a suggested minimum per racer.  This information needs to be relayed to each race director.

Derek will obtain bids for t-shirts by next month.

Jim C. talked about the RRCA National Convention on March 23 –24, 2007, in Chicago.  Jim wanted to know if anyone is interested in going.  Two rooms have been reserved.

Mike B. wants to look into moving the Board meetings to a different location.  Mike will look into finding another spot, preferably where food is served.  Jim C. asked that the meeting spot be free.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:34 PM.