02/25/08 Meeting Minutes

SRRC Board Meeting – Monday, February 25, 2008
Location: YMCA Board room
Present: Emily Klockenga, Jan Wilson, Anne Baker, Lori Milkint, Chuck Costello, Jr., Mary Rogers, Barb Bonansinga, Susan Helm, Brent Leach, Mike Boyd (past treasurer), Jim Cinotto
Absent: ???
Guests: Barb Manson
Barb Manson researched acquiring SRRC club apparel and shared her findings. She approached a few area businesses but only the Cubby Hole in Carlinville was able to provide a complete line of race wear. All garments were wicking fabric and would include our logo and be any color of our choosing. The board was presented with shorts and tops ideas but the vendor also promised they could provide caps, hats, pants or jackets. Jan Wilson suggested we start with a 30-piece order and take orders after that. It was decided to kick off selling the club apparel at the Lincoln Half Marathon expo. Barb will be able to provide samples for the board and other runners to view. Barb was asked to create a proposal, working with Jan. Barb has offered to display and sell the club apparel at future events and races.
Barb Bonansinga presented minutes of January 14, 2008 minutes. Minutes were reviewed and approved by the Board.
Treasurer’s report was presented by former treasurer Mike Boyd. The general fund to date was $23,376.93, the scholarship fund was $872.50 and the combined ending balance (2/25/2008) was $24,249.43. He made an adjustment as a correction for some numbers transposed in an earlier financial report. Mike tracks the scholarship fund and general fund separately. Anne Baker asked about keeping track of advertisers’ revenue for the newsletter. Mike encouraged her to do so and also for Brent to bill race directors for the points’ race fee. The treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved by the Board.
Emily Klockenga presented social ideas including an Abe’s Army opening session on first aid/CPR or self defense class, March Madness at Buffalo Wild Wings on March 22nd and a post party for the Lincoln half at Sammy’s Sports Bar on April 5th . Tim Butler offered promoting socials on the half wits blog/e-mail he already sends out. She recommended moving Monster Mash to a Saturday vs. Friday in 2009.
Jan Wilson received $155 from extra race t-shirt sales at Monster Mash. She applauded the outgoing board for creating three levels of races which outlined club support. Jan made a motion to offer a $100 travel stipend to David Patt for his travel expenses for delivering the recent race directors’ training. St. John’s will print up business cards for us. Jan passed around a sign-up sheet. Jan is going to require pre and post budgets from all SRRC point series race directors.
Anne Baker is going to attempt to get the newsletter publication dates back on track with the deadline being the 15th of each month and it being mailed by the 1st week of the month. Nyle Robinson and Mary Rogers have agreed to continue to write columns. It was suggested that there be another column geared for newer runners and address the latest gear, diet, etc. Barb B. asked that people be identified in photos. Everyone discussed the need to get more members involved.
Lori Milkint is working on the website and gradually making changes. There is interest in changing the look – an overhaul. She will start to think about recommendations. Susan Helm recommended archiving past newsletters on the website and omitting the race results (already exist).
Chuck Costello received a call from somebody interested in advertising in both the newsletter and the website and asked if there were any deals for doing both. This issue will be revisited.
Mary Rogers is reviewing the membership database. She sent out membership letters this week. She is working on online membership registration and trying to get questions answered from GetMeRegistered.com.
Brent Leach is going to put the financial statement in quick book to know where money really goes and be more budget based. Due to work demands, he won’t be able to do it until April 15th. He’ll prepare the club’s 990 form himself. Bills can be scanned and e-mailed or mailed to Brent for reimbursement. Jan asked about limits on spending with or without board approval. Brent prefers people use work e-mail address: bleach@espcpa.com. He will get guidelines on what we can and can’t do for advertisers to maintain our not-for-profit status.
Barb mentioned all past board members offered support to the new board members in the transition. Barb discussed some long term goals for the club including marketing and outreach which has already been happening. She also mentioned adding more automation in our races and enhance our website including more interaction for members. She would like to see online race registration and online membership registration. Barb mentioned the national RRCA convention in Cincinnati on May 2, 3 and 4. Tim Butler is going to receive the Rod Steele Volunteer Award. The club can pay for two board members to attend. Several members expressed interest in attending so Barb tabled discussion until later. Mary asked that information on Tim’s award be put on our website. Barb also mentioned creation of a better safety plan in case of injuries during SRRC races. This will be refined as we go into the race season.
Meeting adjourned 7:55
Next meeting – 2nd Monday in March at 5:30
Post adjournment, Barb asked that all board members review the Conflict of Interest Policy, sign and return at the next meeting.