Central Illinois Trail Run

It’s time to put trails into FootTrails.

Depending upon interest we are developing the areas first trail run for this November 12th.

Both a 10k and 15k race will be offered at Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site.

Both include technical and groomed trails, hills, many miles along the Sangamon River, wildlife, many bridges and much fun.

We will finish with a run down the 1800’s village main street and an awards ceremony will be held in a log cabin.

Would you participate in the event?  Please respond to triharderpromotions@gmail.com with your answer.

If we get enough interest a trail training plan will be offered to get you ready for very unique awards.


  1. I would love to run in either race

  2. xrayvision says:

    I’d be interested in a trail run. What other off-pavement running trail options are in the springfield area? Wabash & interurban trails haven’t been good for my feet over the past year

  3. Yeah, I would love to see some trail runs. Maybe early spring/late fall, even winter, to avoid cross country or track seasons, and give the races some stiffer competition. Springfield needs more road races. There are about 17 total sanctioned and unsanctioned races in town (Springfield), I believe. I think there would be interest and great participation if there were even more. Would there be T-shirts?

  4. Nick Whiteside says:

    We should promote more off road, trail runs ~ great idea! And it sounds like Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site is an excellent venue for the Springfield area. Yes, I would love to put this on my race calendar. This past Fall I ran the Honest Abe Trail Run 14K in Lincoln State Park, Lincoln City, IN and loved it! Here’s hoping that this race comes to fruition.

  5. The feedback has been very favorable for a trail run. It is looking very probable.
    Please keep the comments coming. This is a big endeavor and need to know that racers will show uo if it is put on. Yes there will be shirts, awards and food. Thnx

    Other areas to run trails local include panther creek state park and riverside park.

  6. A trail run would be great. Last year I traveled with some friends up to Wildlife Prairie State Park outside of Peoria as it was the nearest trail run to Sangamon County.

  7. Tim Mullady says:

    There is a need for trail races in this area. You will always find several runners from Springfield area at trail races in Danville. If you haven’t ran a trail run you haven’t had fun!

  8. Mike Gensler says:

    That would be great! I ran the Allerton Trail race in Monticello this past October and loved it.

  9. Steve Perbix says:

    Decatur had a trail run in October, 2010 and will have it again on October 15, 2011 I believe in Sand Creek Park, about 45 miles from Springfield; read the comments on Hardy Breed about it; it’s nearly 7 miles and tough. I ran it, despite not being a trail runner and had lots of fun. Check it out on the Decatur Running Club website.

  10. Kim Russell says:

    Is there a group meeting weekly now at this time? Please let me know.

  11. Mike Crouch says:

    The trail runs sounds exciting. I would love to put this on my running calander. I am also a big Abe fan so running in New Salem makes the race even better.

  12. A trail run would be great.

  13. I would definitely participate! I have wanted to partake in a trail run for quite some time, but my schedule does not allow me to go to any out of town. How I have been wishing for one close to home!

  14. Larry Miller says:

    A local trail run would be great! I drive quite a distance to get to good trail races in Central IL. Having one in the close area would be great & I would be there!

  15. Jeremy Peck says:

    Yes! I’d do a trail run in either New Salem or Panther Creek.

  16. Donna Hillyer says:

    My husband and myself will definitely participate. We run these trails 3 times a week and couldn’t love it more. There isn’t a lot to offer for true trail running (non pavement) in Springfield. We would also do group training if offered.

  17. shannon swaney says:

    This sounds fun. …would love to participate in either 10K or 15K

  18. Loren Easter says:

    I as well love to trail run and travel extensively to enjoy good trails. Unfortunately, this travel takes my time and money away from Springfield…shop/buy local right!?!? What do you think about spending a little of our seemingly abundant energies to try and get some more trail opportunities developed in the Springfield area? A purpose built system that can accommodate the needs of the significant trail user population of Springfield. I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be able to accomplish for Springfield just a bit of what we know and experience in Danville, Peoria, St. Louis/Metro-east, Bloomington, etc, etc, etc. Thoughts?

  19. captain cake mix says:

    I live in Peoria, right now, but, I will be relocating to Springfield w/ in the next year. We have a running club, CITRA, which puts on a good number of trail races in the area. I love trail running. We have a circuit of 3 races, which are run at mid-nite. I was looking for some races to do in the Springfield area. You guys have that great lake down there. Are there any trails around it? I run road races, but, I lean more toward the trails… it’s a better view. Are there any “must do” races in the Springfield area?

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