January 2012 Meeting Minutes

Springfield Road Runners Club
Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2012

The SRRC Board was held at 5:30pm at United Community Bank conference room.

The following persons were present:

Brian Reardon, President                 David Drennan, Vice-President

Patty Schaefer, Secretary                 Rose Rebbe, Special Programs

Madalyn Draper, Membership                Mark Vance, Race Director Liaison

Tami Richmond, Special Guest

November minutes were reviewed. David Drennan made a motion to accept the minutes and Mark Vance seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Membership Director, Madalyn Draper reported total SRRC membership at 1177 for 2011. 541 memberships had been renewed for 2012. The board would like to thank Linda Jones for filing the SRRC’s annual membership dues and insurance premiums with the Road Runners Club of America. These dues are determined by the number of household memberships the club has prior to the December 31 due date. The SRRC paid $2,484.20 for 2012. Upon acceptance by the RRCA of the club’s annual filing and issuance of insurance certificates, Linda will file for city obstruction permits for SRRC races which take place on city roads.

In the absence of the Treasurer, Brian Reardon presented the club’s financials. The balance of SRRC operating accounts was $98,956 and the Lincoln Memorial account had $10,000. It was previously reported that the half marathon bank account would be closed out and the balance transferred to the operating account. It was recently decided that the account will remain open for continued use by the half marathon directors. New signature cards will be issued on the operating account due to board member change over.

Tami Richmond, event coordinator from Having a Ball, attended the meeting to discuss final planning for the Post Race Party. Guest will enter the party through a race finish chute and various decoration pieces will incorporate flowers and race trophies. The penguin theme will also be incorporated in reference to guest speaker John “The Penguin” Bingham. The annual business meeting and award ceremony will take place on January 21st at Erin’s Pavilion at Southwind Park in Springfield.

As part of old business, the board reviewed who will be directing SRRC races in 2012. Brian Reardon will return as director for the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon to be held on April 7th, and Lance Cull will return as director for the State Fair Parade run to be held on August 9th. SIU has expressed interest in becoming a lead sponsor for and providing direction for the Women’s Distance Festival to be held on July 14th. Derek Dexheimer had been contacted to verify whether he would be returning as director for Abe’s Amble. Race directors are needed for the Frostbite Festival to be held on December 2nd. Abe’s Army is also in need of a coordinator. Anyone interested in volunteering for any vacancies listed are encouraged to contact a board member as listed on the club’s website srrc.net.

The 2012 SRRC Board will be voted in at the Post Race Party. The Board make-up to presented to the membership is as follows: David Drennan as President, Brent Borah as Vice-President, Brian Reardon as Past-President, Rose Rebbe as Treasurer, Madalyn Draper as Memebership, Bryan Glass as Race director Liaison, Brad Viar as Special Programs, and Anne Baker as Technical Programs.

New business discussed by the Board included the 2012 race calendar. The race director from the Quad Cities Marathon asked for consideration to be included in the SRRC points series. While the Board would like to include a variety of race distances for members to earn points, it was decided not to include Quad Cities at this time. For a third year, the Bob Goldman Scholastic Challenge 5k will be held on the same day as the Steamboat Classic. In 2011, the Board discussed approaching the directors of the Scholastic Challenge to encourage them to move their race to a different weekend allowing members who would like to complete both races to do so. It is unclear whether this action was taken. For 2012, both the four mile at the Steamboat Classic and the Scholastic Challenge will remain on the SRRC race calendar as points races.

At the November meeting, Brian introduced the idea of subleasing office space along with Girls on the Run. The office is located on Durkin Drive and Girls on the Run is in year one of a three year lease. This would allow the SRRC to have a secure place to store records and important information. The Board would have a new location for monthly meetings. Various committees would also have a workspace for event planning. A memo of understand will be requested from Girls on the Run. This item has been tabled until more details are obtained.

Madalyn made a motion to close the meeting at 6:30. Mark seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


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