04/2013 Board Minutes

Springfield Road Runners Club

April 15, 2013 Board Meeting minutes

Meeting started at 5:47pm at UCB.

Present:  David Drennan, Brad Viar, Brian Reardon, Rose Rebbe, Brian Lee, Madalyn Draper, Bryan Glass, Bill Stokes (late)

The meeting began with a moment of silence for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Treasurer’s report: As of March 31, 2013 the main account showed a balance of $75,633.69 and the Half Marathon account had $25,971.98.

March meeting minutes were approved.

Membership report showed 590 members as of March 31.  Membership cards with discounts for local businesses are being printed and are due to be delivered end of April.  They will be mailed out to members (with two cards sent for family memberships). It was noted that a few Abe’s Army participants overpaid during initial registration.  Those participants will be mailed the difference (which is typically $20).

LPHM:  Bryan Glass wants to help with awards.  Brad Viar helping with course set up. Board voted to have 25% of the margin from the race go to SRRC, with the remaining 75% go to the race’s official charity, Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach.

To address the problem of missing some equipment, new rental forms are being printed that must be filled out before any equipment is checked out.  The six missing tables have been found.

Family social is planned at a Sliders game on July 13 for 100 people.  There will be food and soda available on one of the stadium’s private decks and base running for the kids.

It was suggested that Chris McDougall (author of Born to Run) be the keynote speaker for the 2014 annual award’s dinner.  Board approved allowing Brian L. to pursue a contract with him for a fee not to exceed $7500.

Moon Run will be held the evening of June 22.  It will start and end at Boone’s.

Meeting adjourned at 6:58pm.

Next Meeting – Monday May 13

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