02/2013 Board Minutes

February 11, 2013 Board Meeting minutes Meeting started at 5:35pm at UCB.

Present: David Drennan, Brian Reardon, Rose Rebbe, Brian Lee, Madalyn Draper, Brad Viar, Bryan Glass

Treasurer’s report: As of January 31, 2013 the main account showed a balance of $86,594.81; the Half Marathon account had $19,614.83

Membership report showed 399 members as of February 10. Hall of Fame recipients will receive a letter certifying their lifetime membership.

David reported that we have race directors assigned for all 2013 races. Bryan proposed having a race directors’ meeting for point series races on Monday, March 4 at 6:30pm. David is checking on meeting space at the Sangamo Club.

This year’s SRRC’s races are as follows:
o 2013 LPHM – 4/6/13, Brian R. directing
o 2013 Women’s Distance Festival 2M* – 7/13/13, Committee directing
o 2013 State Fair Parade Run 2M*– 8/14/13, Lance Cull directing
o 2013 Abe’s Amble 10K – 8/24/13, Derek Dexheimer directing
o 2013 Frostbite Festival 10M*/2M – 12/1/13, David and Ron Drennan directing

Madalyn asked that all race directors turn in their list of volunteers to her to help with tracking.

Bill Stokes will be leading the Abe’s Army training program.

This year’s Post Race Awards Banquet was attended by 135 people. Three new members signed up at the dinner. Keynote speaker Amy Yoder made a point to write a letter expressing how much she enjoyed her time in Springfield. We will begin promoting the 2014 Post Race dinner beginning with Abe’s Amble in an effort to boost attendance next year. Apparel for 2013 award winners should be sent by February 20 to the Springfield Running Center. Award winners will get an email when the apparel is in.

At the March meeting the SRRC bylaws will be reviewed. The board feels that in particular the bylaws need to be adjusted to reflect that communication to members should be sent electronically rather than through a printed newsletter. The newsletter is costly to produce and it has become difficult to find volunteers to write and lay it out on a monthly basis.

David and Brian R. will be following up with Anne Baker on a process for more frequent updates to the SRRC web. Brian will be working on a communication strategy to share
information with Club members utilizing the Club website, social media and emails. Brad agreed to take the lead on identifying areas of the website that should be updated.

Madalyn proposed providing discount cards for Club members. She presented samples of plastic discount cards that could be purchased and customized by the Club and distributed to members. To print 1100 cards would be less than $500.

Madalyn and Brad (and others) will work to get commitments from locally owned businesses. A letter from the Board will also go to prospective businesses.

Brian R. made a motion for the Board, and Madalyn seconded, to send up to 5 Club members to the RRCA annual convention May 2-5 in New Mexico. Motion passed 7-0.

Meeting adjourned at 6:43pm.
Next Meeting – Mon

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