03/2013 Board Minutes

March 11, 2013 Board Meeting minutes

Meeting started at 5:35pm at UCB.
Present: David Drennan, Brian Reardon, Brian Lee, Madalyn Draper, Bryan Glass, Bill Stokes

Treasurer’s report (provided via email): As of February 28, 2013 the main account showed a balance of $79,683.53 and the Half Marathon account had $18,455.61.

January meeting minutes were approved.

Membership report showed 494 members as of March 11.

R&M, Corkscrew, Westwood’s, Running Center, Azteca, Nutrition Source, and Gold Springs Water have agreed to participate in the SRRC Discount Card. More businesses are being contacted.

Race Directors’ meeting was held Monday, March 4 at the Sangamo Club. Bryan G. needs information from all race directors about their races. He will be sending questions out again to all those who attended. The only circuit race that was not represented was Shoreline.

Bryan noted that we’re still missing some equipment, including six tables. There is a new lock for the storage. Bryan also proposed new guidelines for rental equipment and fees. The last time this was updated was 2009. Bryan proposed having duplicate forms printed to provide copies of equipment checklist to those borrowing equipment. Motion was made and approved to purchase the forms.

Scholarship application was approved and is being posted on the website. Bryan proposed setting a standard for the amounts awarded to students each year. He will bring suggestions on amounts of scholarships at the April meeting.
Bryan brought up concept of changing point system to make it easier and more in line with what other running clubs use in the Midwest. Bryan said our point series favors the more elite runners. He suggests a revised point series would favor those who run longer races, those who volunteer, etc. Any changes would be made in 2014. Bryan will work on the details. Dave also would like to have a volunteer points program.

Bill Stokes presented a proposal to have Republic Publishing, Ltd. take over publishing of the SRRC newsletter. The board discussed how often to print. A motion was made and it was approved on a 4-1 vote that Republic Publishing will design a bi-monthly newsletter that will cost between $200-$300 per issue for design, content and photography (layout). Republic will provide quotes on printing costs, with the goal of getting the newsletter in printed format mailed out to member homes and also provided in pdf form on the website. A motion was made and approved to allow for an email vote
by the Board on bids for printing. Another motion was made and approved to allow an email vote for ad rates for the newsletter and web site.

Brian Lee proposed two socials. The first one would be a Cinco de Mayo event on May 4, at Boone’s. The second event would be a night run on Saturday, June 22 (longest day, full moon). Brian will follow up with details. A motion was made and approved to budget $1,000 for the Cinco de Mayo event and $500 for the night run. Discussion was also had about a family-themed event later in the summer.

Meeting adjourned at 6:53pm.

Next Meeting – Monday April 8

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