08/2013 Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2013

5:43pm convened

Treasurer’s report:  $76,717.99 in main account, $15,787.86 in LPHM account.

Secretary’s report:  The July minutes were approved

Membership report:  There are currently 958 members

Old Business:

The Club is still looking for storage shed space that will be large enough to accommodate the equipment.

Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon – There will be a volunteer appreciation party for LPHM volunteers on October 3. Registration will be open through GMR right after Labor Day.  The new course is scheduled to be certified.  The Post-race party is planned for the block north of Alamo.

WDF:  Had under 300 runners. The race is expected to make a $480 profit.  There was  a request from directors to make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House.  Board discussed criteria for how proceeds go to charity.  A motion was approved to set criteria that those races that pick a charity must generate at least a $2,000 profit before the charity gets proceeds.  Then there is a 25/75 split (SRRC/charity).  The motion was as approved unanimously.

Because of the prior commitment to RMcD House, a motion made and approved to donate $1,000 to RMcD House.  Appreciation went to the race committee for organizing the race.

Parade Run:  Nearly 480 finished.  Expected that Club will make between $1,200 – $1,500.  Appreciation to Lance for organizing the race.

Board members agreed to organizer a reception for five Japanese visitors who are running Abe’s Amble following the race at Ethnic Village.

New Business:

There was discussion about 2014 board members.  Rose will be stepping down.  Bryan may stay on board but would not like to be Race Director Liaison.  Everyone else agreed to stay.

Socials:  195 member attended the Sliders game.  Full Moon race attracted about 130 runners.  Discussed a Halloween-themed run for October based at west side Brickhouse.  Saturday, October 26.  About a 5k.

Post-race party.  Base attendance on 300.  $10 for members, $20 for non-members.  Food and two drink tickets.  Looking at Hilton. January 18.

Bryan suggested we join USATAF.  Bryan looking into it.  Bryan also suggested moving the portalet at SHG to Lost Bridge.  David will follow up.

Motion made and approved to move meetings to second Tuesday of the month for remainder of 2013.

Adjourned 6:57pm

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