April 2014 Meeting Minutes


SRRC Board Meeting at UCBank Chatham and Bruns Lane

Begins at 5:35 PM


Vice President Bryan Glass excused


Treasure Report $49,816.37

LPHM Report $18,786.61

Verified by Past President Brian Reardon


Bulk mail postage account balance $241.76

Treasurer Teri Taylor states it should cover next newsletter


Secretary Emily Bernardes March 11, 2014 SRRC board minutes approved


Membership Madalyn Draper states 572 members, 0 Abes Army not added, 80+ people signed up for Abe’s Army


Treasurer Teri Taylor asks what does Abe’s Army registration cover?

Membership Madalyn Draper states Fee is $80. $20 will go towards membership.

Cut off to sign up for Abe’s Army 5-12-14

New members will get membership cards soon

Brian Reardon suggests instead of having membership card, we should have a key tag for 2015


Old Business:


Anne Baker has been updating Women’s Distance 2 miler on SRRC website

Brian Reardon suggests inviting WD race directors to next meeting

Has not chosen a charity to donate to yet

Race has a threshold before getting charity


Director Lance Cull needs a committee for his 2 mile Parade Run race on 8-7-14


We have plenty of water for hot weather races to donate


New Business:

Volunteer Liaison Tracy Dowell states many participants of the LPHM have come into her SRC store complimenting race

Tracy Dowell receiving compliment emails of LPHM

Brian R will order more medals for LPHM

Brian Reardon states he needs a new committee for 2015 LPHM

Traffic during race was addressed

Involve city more

Solutions for yellow LPHM signs to keep up; maybe have a half marathon seal on the sign?

More pota potties

Do a survey monkey on race

Get more people for the SAG wagon


RD Liaison Curt Evoy states good turn out

From Race Directors Meeting 3-23-14

Race Date Changes:


Scholastic 5K has changed to same day as Steamboat race on June 14, 2014

Race Director could not get beach house reserved


Stache Dash is October 4, 2014



Springfield Marathon is October 19


Anne Baker Asking what is the policy on the website for participant races?

Link is free?

$60 Website and Newsletter?

Dave Drennan will ask VP Bryan Glass to verity policy

Anne states to put links on website for past races

Quad City Marathon has interest to be on SRRC point series race for 2015

Newsletter to be out by Mid May


Special Events Brian Lee

Drink For What Ales You Social event at Boone’s Saloon

Dr. Brett Western?

Dr. Diana Hillard Sembell?

Possible Date end of May?

Have after work during mid week?


Halfwits party 4-10-14


Meeting adjourned at 6:32 PM

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