May 2014 Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2014

Meeting held at UCB Chatham and Bruns Lane

5:30 PM


Not present Anne Baker

Special guests, Women’s Distance Festival Directors (WDF): Marilyn Clark, Diana Nevitt, Donna Brayfield


Teri Taylor Treasurer states SRRC account $64,750+


Brian R states LPHM account has approximately 30K+ in profit. Approximately $8200 profit to SRRC.

50K+ in LPHM account.

Brain R states for next year he will order more shirts. Medals are all paid for.

Check for Mission Outreach for 20K will be presented to them, wanting to have press conference when check is presented. LPHM will ship out a huge container from warehouse;distribute globally to help out with medical supplies. Press conference shall be held in July.

Needs to structure a committee for 2015 LPHM.


Teri states 990 tax form is in progress. It is to be filed on 6/15/14. Teri to apply sales tax exemption.


Board approved April 8, 2014 minutes.


Madalyn Draper Membership states SRRC currently has 709 members with out Abes Army new members.



WDF directors present at meeting. Race will be 7-12-14 at 8 AM. Kids fun run will be at 8:45 AM.

Income sheet presented:

Washington Park needs $100 check

Dr. Frisinia (sponsor) $500

Dr. Swetland (sponsor) $250

Midwest Family (sponsor) $?

This will be WDF 35th anniversary. There will be WDF bags and shirts given to each participant.

Steve Snyder will be timing this event.

Jan Wilson will be help with getting volunteers.

Kids for fun run will have shirts and prizes.

Awards: 21 and older will get wine glasses 20 and younger will get soda glasses.


Schells 2 mile Parade Run 8-7-14; Lance Cull RD will be present at next June board meeting.


Abe’s Amble 10K 8-17-14; Emily Bernardes RD/Secretary

Emily needs race budget


Bryan Glass, VP introduced all high school area runners/nominations for SRRC scholarships. Board discussed nominations. Bryan will announce winners at the Scholasitc Challenge 5K on 6-14-14.


Tracy Dowell Volunteer Liaison and owner of Springfield Running Center to have Springfield Running Center’s inauguaral track meet on Saturday 8-2-14 at Chatham Glenwood HS, race will be presented by Nike and is USATF certified and sanctioned. This meet is supported by SRRC and an August social per Special Events, Brian Lee.

Chatham Glenwood superintendent is supporting this event and CGHS is discussing plans with Tracy Dowell to help with meet. The school board will be involved. Nike will be vendored at this race. Jack Bellmer will help with kids fun run. (Jack will still have his kids fun at SHG track as well.)


Tracy and SRC will have Tuesday 5K practice runs that will meet at the store starting at 5:45. After run, Ahh Yoga will be at store for post run yoga stretching at 7;15-8:30 PM. Fee will be applied for yoga.


Brain Lee Special Events will have Drinks For What Ales You on 5-21-14 at Boone’s Saloon. Dr. Western, Dr. Hillard-Sembell, Dr. Boentes-Hulcher and Dr. Cutler will be present at this social to answer all ailment questions.

June 14 social will be at Boone’s Saloon; Full Moon Run at 9:45 PM. Glow sticks given out starting at 9 PM. Brian discussed plans for guest speaker for awards banquet, January 2015. Brian discussed plans for guest speaker for awards banquet, January 2015. Annual banquet will be at Springfield Hilton again this year.


Teri Taylor states SOS needs SRRC registration address. Can not have PO Box address. Current address is Dave Drennan, president’s address.


Meeting adjourned 7:05 PM


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