2011 – Ronda Schappaugh

Ronda Schappaugh did not run competitively in high school or college, but the Havana native regularly ran in her hometown Polka Pace 5K. Ronda became serious about running after the birth of her fourth child. Her first marathon was marred by injury, but the next year she ran the Chicago Marathon in 3:13. She followed that up the six months later with a 3:09 at the Boston Marathon. The next year she ran her marathon PR of 3:07 at the very challenging New York City Marathon. She went down to Memphis the next year and placed second in her age group.

Ronda’s running success wasn’t limited to marathons. She also ran the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon under 1:30, Abe’s Amble 10K in 40 minutes and 5K under 19 minutes.

Ronda didn’t limit herself to running events. She also competed successfully in triathlons.

Ronda served on the SRRC Board of Directors, first as membership director, next as newsletter editor, and then as president and past-president. She also directed various races including Abe’s Amble, AMA/Presidential 5K, Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon and the Harvestfest races in Petersburg. She also served as a coach of the SRRC’s entry in the 2002 Japan Sea Rim Ekiden.

Ronda continues to run regularly. She does much of her running these days with the Robert Morris Women’s Cross-Country team. Ronda coached the first year program to a seventh place finish at USCAA national championship in November 2011.