2013 – Jack Bellmer

Very few people have been a member of the SRRC as long as Jack Bellmer, In over 30 years
of Club membership Jack has posted fast times and contributed to the Club in almost every way

As a runner, Jack has posted fast times in distances from the mile to the marathon. He has run
a mile under 5:00 and 5K under 17:00. His best time at Abe’s Amble 10K is 36:36. Jack has run
a half marathon under 1:22 and he has a marathon PR of 3:08. He has won multiple SRRC age
group awards.

Fast times, however, are only part of the story. Jack has been the SRRC volunteer of the
year. He founded and served as director or co-director of the Capitol Mile and later the
Sizzling Mile. He has served on the SRRC race committee, co-ordinated the points series
and scored many races. Perhaps his biggest contribution to the SRRC has been his role
with the weekly track workouts. Under his leadership, participation in the weekly speed
workouts exploded and Jack has remained active with the group for more than ten years.