2015 – Carl Segretto

Carl Segretto, who is now 82 years old, was a late bloomer when it came to running, but
when he started racing he dominated his age group like few other runners have done. Indeed,
the points keeper from the mid-2000s said that he once went back for the previous ten year period
and Carl was the only one who won his age group every year in that period

At the age of 65 he ran the Steamboat Four Miler in 26:43. He also ran the Shoreline 5K in
20:47 and he ran the 1500 meters in the senior Olympics in 5:35. At the age of 66 he ran 5Ks
in 20:54 and 20:32. At the age of 67 he ran the Lincoln Memorial Five Mile race in 34:38 and
Abe’s Amble in 43:17. He also ran the 5K at the Senior Olympics in 20:27. The next year he
ran the Race for the Bells 10K in 43:03 and Abe’s Amble in 43:26 at the age of 68. He also
ran the Frostbite 10 Mile race in 1:15:28. At the age of 69 he ran Abe’s in 45:27 and the
Lake Run 12K in Bloomington in 1:00:15.He kept at it when he turned 70 and ran the Lincoln
Memorial Five Miler in 37:40 and Abe’s Amble in 47:11. At the age of 71 he ran the Premier
Bank 5K in 22:53 and the Steamboat Four Miler in 30:04. He was still at it at the age of 73
running the Steamboat Four Miler in 32:10.

Carl also served on the SRRC Board of Directors as the Race Director Liaison.